mardi 26 août 2008

back in a place we call home

After arriving in downtown Beijing, breathing 
the surprisingly fresh blue air, i felt back home immediately;)

seeing my friends back and smoking zhongnanhai, zooming in the taxi

This would be kind of a special trip: a back to china holiday to see the olympics with my parents, organising a street party for the losers of the games in a place called home and climbing the subtropic mountains of fujian province, Wuyishan.


a stadium

fucking damned glory, would Tere call it, I recorded her sounds
and saved some images


Home Shop Series # 1: Games 2008 

My friend Elaine Ho, who is doing this intruiging art blog project with counterparts in Berlin, Vienna, NY and some other places, organised a series of public private community events called Homeshop series #1: Games 2008.

On  you can find more on what this Homeshop series is all about. 

We came up with the idea to throw sort of a street party for the losers of the Games. 
A bunch of people came: friends, neighbours, journalists... we played games, had two olympic tickets to give away to the most average player on the wii games that night. An ayi got it, she was all happy and we as well.

The police called Elaine's landlord, nothing serious, we were just to loud; then we put down the music, and watched some documentaries and short films of Ralf Schmerberg, Elaine Ho, Cao Kai and Renbo.

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